Sonia Shimeld - Volunteer Award

                               Peter Shimeld  Sonia Shimeld  Julie Hinks

                               Peter Shimeld  Sonia Shimeld  Julie Hinks

Sonia Shimeld, the very hard working treasurer of Franklin Working Waterfront Association,  received a Certificate of Appreciation at the Volunteering Tasmania Awards held at Huon Valley Town Hall last Friday evening.  The submission for this well deserved award follows. 

"The Franklin Working Waterfront Association trades as the Wooden Boat Centre and is a community owned not-for- profit enterprise. The role of Treasure is an arduous one as the Wooden Boat Centre is a business which employs a part-time manager, Front-of-House personnel and numerous shipwrights and tutors . Dr Shimeld undertakes this role as a volunteer. She is amply qualified to undertake this role.

Dr Shimeld (Sonia) has recently retired as a senior lecturer in Accounting at the University of Tasmania. She holds a PhD in that discipline and in governance. Although recently retired, Sonia continues to undertake work with UTAS.

Before undertaking the role of Treasurer for the Franklin Working Waterfront Association Inc, Sonia first joined the FWWA committee to undertake the role of Secretary in October 2014, filling a vacancy in that position. At the next AGM Sonia was elected as Treasurer.

Given that the association trades as the Wooden Boat Centre - a vibrant business which attracts many visitors and much business to the Huon area from Tasmania, mainland Australia and from overseas. The size and complexity of the role of Treasurer should, in an ideal world, be a paid position, however Sonia has cheerfully undertaken this role as a volunteer

Sonia is a spendthrift with the time and energy she devotes to the Franklin community through the Wooden Boat Centre. She is always encouraging other volunteers which is why the Centre runs so efficiently. Without our volunteers the Centre would, no doubt close, leaving a gaping hole in the Franklin community and local businesses would suffer as a result.

Not only does Sonia undertake the demanding role of Treasurer for the Franklin Working Waterfront Association, when staff members are on leave she willingly steps in and takes on the banking, and arranging of the payment for the salaried staff, and any number of other tasks needing to be addressed. Most recently, she has also stepped into the role of tourist guide, and undertaken the role of front-of-house duties. All these roles she undertakes with a smile and with little fanfare, avoiding the limelight. In conclusion, an award of this kind would be most deserved and would recognise the work of an unsung volunteer."

Well done Sonia and thank you from us all.