The Wooden Boat Centre welcomes U.S Team From the North West School Of Wooden Boat Building

This month, we welcome a team of nine boat builders to the WBC work shed; including one Aussie, lead by Chief Instructor, Sean Kooman.

haven 12.jpg

The American team of North West School of Wooden Boat Building (NWSWB)  alumni has joined us in the workshop as the 2019 Wooden Boat Festivals ‘featured nation’. The team will continue the build on their Herreshoff designed, Haven 12 ½  with the intention of finishing in time for the MyState Wooden Boat Festival in February. The boat’s hull was constructed in the NWSWB in the U.S and will be finished here. The team will then challenge themselves beginning a second boat of the same design in our famous Tasmanian Celery Top generously donated to us by Hydrowood.

For more information about the NWSWB visit their website