Franklin Square Sculpture Project


Just eight days ago these large pieces arrived at the Wooden Boat Centre in Franklin. Over three weeks, these will be carefully covered by a myriad individually cut wooden pieces by the boatbuilders and artisans at the Wooden Boat Centre. They will then be transported to Hobart where they will become part of the history of Tasmania.

This major public artwork by Dr Nigel Helyer was commissioned by the City of Hobart.

“The artwork, titled Two Islands, will present colonial and indigenous histories relating to the site through a soundscape consisting of archival and community oral stories.

It will operate on motion sensors and audiences will be able to listen while surrounded by two sculptural forms , the hull of John Franklin’s ship, the “Erebus”, presented alongside a modern version of a Tasmanian Aboriginal canoe.”(City of Hobart - media release)

The Wooden Boat Centre feels very honoured to have been given the task of creating this piece of Tasmanian history.