Launch of "Two Islands" Sculpture in Franklin Square, Hobart.

On Tuesday, a crew from the Wooden Boat Centre made their way to the Franklin Square in Hobart to witness the launch of “Two Islands”, an artwork by Nigel Helyer. The sculpture’s timber components were constructed in our workshop in Franklin by our resident craftsman Mike Johnson, Flo von Widmann, Peter Laidlaw, David Nash and Francis Shepard.

The artists explanation of the piece explains its significance,

“The Two Islands sculpture presents a metaphor that draws together histories of Tasmanian Aboriginal and European settler cultures in the form of two symbolic vessels. 

The skeleton of Sir John Franklin’s ship the HMS Erebus lies wrecked alongside a contemporary representation of a traditional Tasmanian Aboriginal canoe, creating a tension that resonates with the complex histories of Tasmania.

Two Islands incorporates a soundscape comprised of many voices and perspectives offering us potential to reflect upon the past to continue a dialogue of reconciliation into the future” - Nigel Helyer

Our team are very proud of our contribution.