Build of the SEACREST - 2017

I February 2017 Australian Wooden Boat Festival (AWBF) celebrated the 375 year of Abel Tasman formal possession of the land that he named Van Dieman's land.

As part of the celebrations, the AWBF invited a group of dutch boat building students and their teacher to build a very special boat - the Bergumer Meer class 16 m2 sailing boat.
The AWBF made this project possible by seeking volunteers and sponsors for support.
The Wooden Boat Centre made workshop space available for the build. It was exciting for visitors to follow the build and great for the community.

Hydrowood Tasmania donated Celery Top pine for the build.
In 1986, The Reece Dam was constructed on the Pieman River creating the 50 km long Lake Pieman which drowned thousands of ancient trees. In 2015, after three years of planning, Hydrowood Tasmania found a way of harvesting these magnificent trees still standing at the bottom of the lake. From a barge, the harvester with a hydraulic arm, reaches down to a depth of 26 metres to hold and cut each tree with a chainsaw.

The donated log was taken to the local sawmill and cut into planks, shipped from the sawmill to Franklin where the students build 'SEACREST' in only 9 weeks, the last week working night shifts! SEACREST was launched and auctioned at the AWBF.