Leshelen: A Restoration

Leshelen was designed by R. H. Thompson and was built by the owner R. Torrents of Launceston.  The 36ft motor launch built of Huon Pine and fitted with a B. M. C. 50HP diesel engine was launched in 1952. 

Later, Leshelen was owned by Arthur Gilpin who cruised her extensively in Far North Queensland and the anchorages of the Whitsunday Islands.  More recently Leshelen returned to the Tamar River and was purchased by Fred Box for the cruising enjoyment of his family.  In 1980 she was completely rechecked and partially recalked. (Betty J Percy, ‘The Tamar Boats’, pages 133 – 134).

The Leshelen was rescued from the Tamar River and moved to The Wooden Boat Centre where it was purchased by a Queensland family.  Initial work included the replacement of the stem and some of the ribs.  The major structural work to the boats hull has now been completed.  Building and refitting work continues on the Leshelen, with the hull being painted and checked currently.  The boat has been refurbished with 4 bunks in the front, toilet and sit down shower.  The family that own the boat have assisted with lighter work during family holiday visits.

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