Montagu Whaler

“Montagu Whalers” were part of the standard equipment of all larger Royal Navy, and Royal Australian Navy vessels from the 1890s to the 1960s.  They were a multi-purpose ships boat, able to be rowed or sailed, for utility or rescue purposes.  After decommissioning of the host vessel these often found their way to Naval Cadet units.  This example was no exception being built in 1953 and comming to us from T.S.S. Mersey.

Partnering with Colony 47, we have undertaken to provide a training environment for a group socially disadvantaged women and men.  With Cody Horgan, a hugely experienced shipwright from the Australian National Maritime Museum guiding them, the women will undertake the restoration picking up multiple skills along the way.  This program has been made possible by generous private donations.