Many of our visitors have been following the progress of the restoration work on the beautiful Huon Pine river cruiser Georgina. Fitted out with a bank of lithium iron phosphate batteries to provide sustained electric power output it occupies pride of place on our jetty.

Georgina is now undergoing trials on the water to ensure we are gaining optimal performance from the electric engine.


The project to restore the circa 1938 'Georgina' has been making great progress since March. During that month her plank edges were renewed by Llew to create fresh seams for new caulking to be worked into place while topside seams simply splined. Now painted the outcome is stunning with a hull that gleams and proudly presents her traditional, but spectacular clean lines.

The opportunity was taken to ‘take her lines’ and with wonderful work done by Roger Dahlberg we now have a nice set of lines for Georgina. This record will help us make calculations and inform us in relation to her future performance.

Next was a new deck – fore and aft. In between the bulkheads we have created a large cockpit surrounded by a nicely curved coaming. A floor level battery box lies centrally in the cockpit and will house the 16 lithium iron/phosphate battery cells neatly out of sight. They are wired to the 7k/W motor sited just for’ard of the aft bulkhead where close proximity to the control unit is important. Low down, but just above the cockpit floor, the motor turns the propeller shaft directly beneath it via a chain drive. Using drive gear sprockets and chain – like a push bike – the propeller shaft is geared to the engine to ensure the optimum engine revs can give most efficient revolutions for the propeller.

As the installation of the power train continues so will work on the helmsman control pedestal and instrumentation. Steering has been changed from the earlier simple tiller style to a hydraulic wheel activated system. As such, the helmsman can remain for’ard and in full control of the vessel. Any passengers can be seated on the full width bench thwart above the shrouded motor and/or on the fold down /removable port & starboard bench seats.

Our expectations are for the installations to be completed during July ready for a National Science Week lecture on 18th August titled “Electrifying Georgina”.

Launching or rather relaunching Georgina is expected to be in the second half of October following final painting work and electric work.