Our courses seek to introduce you to, or extend your knowledge of, traditional wooden boatbuilding skills. Our courses are designed for those seeking either a recreational experience in relation to wooden boat building, or for those wishing to enter the boat building industry. The courses relate to skill development applicable to boatbuilding ownership and repair. Whatever your choice, our courses relate strongly to the ‘Wooden Boat Culture’.

At present you can enrol in a single Wooden Boat Centre short course, or a series of short courses. Participation in any of our short courses will extend your woodworking skills, assist in keeping traditional skills and knowledge alive, and give you the camaraderie of working within a team of like minded people, as well as the experience of working in a Traditional Wooden Boat Building Shed.

You can also choose to Purchase the boat you build, by enrolling in a course and paying for the materials used to build the boat. This way you are able to take the boat, you have built, home with you. We offer this to 1 student per course.

We limit Student Numbers in each course to ensure that everyone receives sufficient personal instruction. 


Some of the skills you will learn in the courses offered are:

  • How to use and sharpen hand tools e.g. Chisels, Hand Planes, Saws etc

  • How to use power tools e.g. Drills, Bandsaws, Thicknessers etc

  • How to LOFT and prepare patterns

  • How to laminate and steam timber

  • How to produce timber joints e.g. tenon joints, copper riveted joints

It is not a pre-requisite that potential students have some tool-use skills.  


Clinker Dinghy Construction

  • As a student seeking boat building skills, you can choose from any of the courses offered throughout the year, according to your own time requirements. Also we can offer staged training programs for those who are time poor. That is: we are willing to offer a minimum 2 week course within a full build.

  • As the Purchaser of the dinghy - you have a choice of set designs we offer

  • As the Purchaser of the dinghy we will also consider an alternate design requested by you

  • As the Purchaser once you have made the decision of the dinghy type, you can choose the timeframe to place it within our program.

Stitch & Glue Dinghy Construction

  • This program is offered as per our yearly scheduled courses

Kayaks & Canoes

  • These programs are offered as per our yearly scheduled courses

For further information about any aspect of our courses please call the centre

on +61 3 6266 3586

or email

The enrolment application is available for download here. You should complete all details of the enrolment application form and return it with your course deposit.

Most courses are run on weekdays, 8am to 4.30pm five days per week. We break for 30min for lunch and 15mins for morning and afternoon tea. Your instructor will induct you to the boatshed workshop and to the tools and equipment required for used during your course.

For a full list of upcoming courses visit here