One Year Shipwright Level 1 Course

(This course has been well received and we may only have 2 student positions available)

This is your opportunity to enter the profession of Wooden Boat Building.

Through an intensive course of 38 hour p/w over a 1 year period, which culminates in qualifying for the achievement of a “Shipwright Level 1 Certificate”.

Join an illustrious group of Alumni, that work for some of the Major Maritime Museums or own successful boatyards.

This course will enhance your opportunity to gain employment, working in boat yards both in building and maintaining Traditional & Modern Wooden Boats.

The course itself involves 1600hrs of face to face and hands on teaching, which equate to less than $10.00 per hour.

Total Cost of this Course is $15,000.00

Staged Progress payments can be arranged.

The Course Commencement date: 3rd February 2020

Applications close: 1st December 2019

Late applications will be considered on merit.

Contact: Paul D’Olier - Operations Manager

Phone : +61 3 62663586

 Course Content:

  1. Induction & Safework Practices

  2. The Boat Builders Tool Chest

  3. Use of hand tools/sharpening

  4. Use of power tools

  5. Lofting

  6. Clinker Dinghy Construction

  7. Strip Plank Construction

  8. Carvel Construction

  9. Mast, Spar & Oar making

  10. Heritage Restoration

  11. Fibreglass Sheathing and Boat Finishing

  12. Working within productive teams

New Addition to the Course:

Now includes a 2 week Fine Furniture Making component by a Master of the craft.